Where does the shoot take place?

We can schedule your session at our east Round Rock home studio or a venue of your choice such as your office, a local park, or downtown Round Rock. The best location for your session depends on the applications for which you need a headshot. Our studio will give us the most flexibility for longer sessions that can provide a variety of backdrops and opportunity for wardrobe changes.  Out of studio venues, on the other hand, provide for a unique headshot. We charge slightly more for non-studio sessions since they require us to transport equipment and personnel for the work.

What do I wear for my session?

You can bring multiple options for your photo session. Each change is considered a different “look.”   We limit the number of looks based on the length of the session to make sure there is enough time to get the required number of images. The following tips may help you think about what to wear:

Always bring clothes that feel natural to the way you normally dress.

Avoid black clothes or white clothes as it may be hard to keep detail visible in the final image.  It is okay to have some ether, for example, a white shirt under a darker coat. Stay away from clothes with busy patterns such as plaids or patterned prints. Solid colors are best.  That said, if your favorite shirt is poka-dot, bring it on!

Inspect your clothes for dirt or lint; the camera picks up small details.

Blue Jeans are okay unless they are dingy and torn. For headshots, your pants do not usually make it into the final shot, but give yourself some options by making sure that pants/shirt/blouse do not conflict in color. 

Make sure to dress comfortable but classy. Stay away from clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable. We do not want bra straps showing, so make sure the design of the blouse makes it easy to hide them.

Collared shirts are nice for men, but not required.  All shirts need to be clean and pressed.

Be rested and drink plenty of water the day before your shoot, it will help your skin to look healthy.

What about hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup are not included in the session fee. Men do not usually need to bother with makeup for their headshot.  However, oily skin can show up on your portrait as face “shine.”   While soap and water can reduce oil, you might consider a foundation powder that matches your skin tone.  Stop by a department store such as JC Pennies or Macy’s and visit the makeup counter. They will help you purchase a powder that matches your skin tone.

While not required, women might want to consider professional makeup. A professional makeup artist knows how to make you look your best for the camera.

Your goal is to remove shine, cover small blemishes, and of course create magic for the eyes.  That said, if you show up with just basic makeup, we can use skin smoothing techniques in post-processing to polish your look!  A trip to the hair stylist may be in order. At a minimum, you might want to bring hairspray to prevent flyaway strands of hair from showing up in your portrait. 

How long does it take to get my images?

We will use a two-step process. Within three days of your session, you will receive a gallery of images from which you will select the number of images your session allows.  Within three additional days, we will apply basic retouching, cropping and resizing before delivering you the ready-to-use high-resolution digital files. (less than 1 week total)

How much retouching do you do?

Our goal will certainly be to use lighting, exposure, and framing, and posing to get images useable right out of the camera. It is important your headshot look professionally produced and represent truthfully the way you look.   We will, however, take the time to reduce temporary blemishes that your makeup does not hide, reduce any red blotches that show, reduce overly dark shadows under your eyes, and eliminate stray hairs that fall across your face or protrude too far from your head.?

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