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Headshots for all!

Let us bring our portable studio to your office or conference, providing headshots for all your staff.

Ensure consistency and quality for all your staff headshots by allowing us to set up at your office or conference, capturing all your staff images with the same lighting, background, and equipment.  Equip your staff with professional looking images for business cards, social media, and the company website.  By providing this opportunity to your staff onsite, you can ensure minimum downtime while guaranteeing an updated headshot for everyone.  In as little as 5 minutes per staff member, we can provide each individual with several professional portraits to choose from.  High-resolution digital files will be provided to each participant. 

This approach also allows us to provide our service at our lowest per person cost with a volume discount based on the number of headshots provided and the amount of time we are onsite. We can handle just about any size staff or conference. We recently completed a project providing two headshots for over 300 educators attending a conference over a 3-day time. In the past, we provided headshots for over 40 agents in a real-estate firm, completing the job during their half day team meeting.

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Headshot Styles

The best style of headshot for your staff will depend on how and where you expect to display the portraits.  The choices involve aspect ratio, the framing of the subject, and the type of background.  Allow us to consult with you in a planning meeting to make those decisions.  You can certainly opt for several different styles to provide employees with the most flexibility.  The following examples illustrate the kinds of options available.

Background and Cropping Options

White Background

Ideal for web pages & consistency.

White is popular for staff pages on the company website. Using a white background will make it easy for you to keep the look consistent when adding new staff. We will keep records of the lighting and framing used to ensure new photo sessions match in style. If your plan includes displaying lots of staff images on one page, you may also want to give staff guidelines on wearing styles and colors that compliment.  

website (1 of 1)-5.jpg

Black Background

If you want to stand out in the crowd

Headshots on black backgrounds are not as common and therefore, help you stand out when your profile image will be displayed with other more traditional backgrounds.  A black background will make the color in your clothes really vivid.  Red clothes on a black background, for example, would be a way to communicate confidence and willingness to be unique.  When we shoot on black, we will use a white gradation spot to help separate you from the background.  Do not wear dark clothing.  Here is an excellent article on when black makes sense:


Light Gray Background

Keeps the focus on you, Colors don't conflict.

Simple backdrops such as a light gray with an intermediate gradation will draw the viewers eye to the subject.  And of course, there will be no chance for conflicting colors regardless of wardrobe color. 

gray (1 of 1).jpg

Life Style Blurred Background

Unique & dramatic

For this style of portrait, we will usually schedule time in a location outside.  We will use a lens choice that will result in the background being out of focus. The background may be nature or architecture. (office greenery or a building) The goal will not be consistent across all images, but rather a unique creative background for each individual. If the headshots are to be displayed along with others, we can use similar color schemes.?


Environmental Portrait using background from your office

For this style portrait, we can come by your workplace and capture background images both inside and outside. On photo day, we will captured staff images in front of a gray background and in post composite each staff member onto a background image that shows them in the work place. This allows us to keep staff down time at a minimum but still result in a variety of backgrounds that represent your staff in their work environment.  



Aspect ratio

We can crop images in any aspect ratio.  The first 3 images above are cropped at a 5x7 aspect ratio, but 4x5 and square are also common. The last image above is 2x3 horizontal. We frequently crop into the head as shown in this example for horizontally cropped headshots for a more modern look. Finally, the image to the right is square. Square is a common requirement for profile images on Facebook and other social media platforms. Square cropping is ideal when the image will be displayed small, since more of the face will be shown, making it more recognizable.  It is helpful to know the desired aspect ratio before we shoot as it will change the optimal camera height.


Transparent Background

PNG format

For an extra re-touch fee, we can provide your headshots with a transparent background in PNG format. This will allow you to overlay the graphic on marketing materials of any color.


Finally, know that we can capture group portraits or even create team composites from headshots that are shot separately.

id card2.jpg

Once you have your portraits we can work with you to optionally order ID tags,  business cards, or prints ready to create an Employee Wall!

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