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Professional Actor's Headshot by Keith Mitchell Photography

Whether you are experienced or just trying to break into the entertainment business, the goal will, of course, be to get you noticed as directors are scanning large numbers of ?potential candidates. If you are already in the entertainment/acting business, you probably have an agent who will help you define the type of image you need. Communicate your definition of the ideal headshot with us and we have the tools and skills to match the style.

We can capture your headshot up close with dramatic framing and lighting in our studio using a backdrop that makes your headshot unique. We can also capture your headshot outside while using studio lighting and reflectors to provide directional light.

Photo Session Style

When you book your photo session, we will help you select from a variety of headshot styles. The following headshot images we have captured for clients will help you think about your needs.  If your goal are images to use on your website, social media, or general comp cards, then select a style that best represents you and the image you would like to portray.  If you have an acting agent, then we can work to meet their requirements for style. If you find something online that is what you are after, just share the URL with us and we can work toward that goal.?

Studio based

The Cinematic Headshot

One of our most popular styles right now is called the Cinematic Headshot.  This style features a shallow depth of field, multiple directions of light, a tight cropping.  The style usually is cropped in horizontal (landscape) mode but we can also crop it vertical (portrait) mode if required. We have a large number of printed cloth and canvas backgrounds to choose from to make your headshot unique.  Because these portraits are captured inside, we will not have to deal with weather based wind, lighting, and temperature changes.


Field Based

Cinematic Headshot

Using the same theme as our studio based cinematic headshots, we can select a venue that will feature architecture or nature backgrounds outside.  We will still be using studio light but mixing ambient sunlight into the image.  In this example for a high school theatre student, we captured the image in front of the performing art center for her high school.

Studio Based

Fashion  Headshot

For these headshots, captured in studio lighting, we step out of the normal boundaries using backdrops that are unusual, featuring 3d constructions, curtains, and optional color "gelled" lighting for background and subject. The result will be truly unique and help you stand out of the crowd! 


Studio Based

Classic Headshot

This style is built  around a standard solid color or textured classic background. In this example, we chose a solid black background with a separation light behind the subject.  We also shoot this style on a white background and we have a variety of classic textured canvas and texture backdrops.

RRL Session3217-Edit-2.jpg

Personal Branding Session

Introduce yourself visually!

Every actor/model  needs the standard 8x10 headshot required by casting agents; but building your online presence should include wider shots to represent you online.  Personal branding is guiding what others think about who you are. We can work with you to reach specific goals to visually brand yourself with a collection of images that represent "your personality and/or the roles you want to play. "  Based on your goals, we can complete your session in the studio or "in the wild."


What you receive

After you select the number of photos your package calls for, we will post process the images.  We will discuss the amount of post processing you would like, but for actor's headshot, we are careful not to over process. Agent's will want to see the character details in your face that make you the unique person you are!  

For your selected photos you will received both high resolution digital files suitable for printing   as well as low resolution versions ready for social media use. You will receive a license which gives you full use of your images for self marketing and also grants your photographers permission to share your photos as examples of their work.  You can optionally have us prepare the standard 8x10 actor's comp image with your name as shown here.


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